Look no further – the ultimate recipe för chocolate balls

So, bored by illness I decided to make chocolate balls, a typical swedish fika treat. And I write in english because the world needs this!

Delish! On spanish porcelaine.


2,5 dl oat flakes

150 grams of  butter that has been out from the fridge until soft

2 tbsp chocolatedrink powder (O´boy for example)

1/2 dl catser sugar

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1/2 tbsp light muscovado canesugar

1 tbsp cold coffee

Stir all ingredients to a smooth dough. Roll into meatball size and roll in coconut flakes. Chill for approx. 30 min! Ready to serve!

Scribbling both in swedish and tigrina…(my sons friend tries to teach him…)


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