Is the man for real?

As I was unable to sleep yesterday, I watched Mr Trumps speech. That was a bad Idea. His behaviour is so erratic that It makes my head spin. To think that this man is the chosen leader of the biggest eceonomy in the world makes you seriously worried.

I usually just think that he is ignorant and that is worrying enough but this last speech togheter with his behaviour since he has been sick in Covid-19 is very alarming. He twitters very fast in CAPITAL letters and he seems to be almost incoherent. Onleliners packed on top of each other in a very strange fashion. If I was a US citizen I would be very worried. I would even think about moving abroad.

My husband came down just now and told med that he too thinks the man is insane. Rambling about the Corona virus and calling it a blessing in disguise. He had read a translation of the speech into swedish and it is then obvious that the man is incoherent.

My guess is…..cortisone! Well known to induce MANIA.

Just take five minutes to listen to his latest outburst of words. An watch him walk down the stairs from the hospital. Look at his hands….he has no idea where to put them.

ALL this aside, how does people around him react? They let him have his way!!!! This is even more confusing. Does the man scare them? Is he so irrational that nobody dare to let a psychiatrist evaluate him? I mean, if he had a heart attack (MI) or a stroke he would not be considerad fit to be president or? Doesen´t the constitution say that the president has to be well? As in not sick and sane?

I am seriously wondering about what will happen to the world, is this something we will se more of? Leaders with no common sense at all that scare perople around them? Because that is the only explanation I can think of. Dark forces at play here…..

The even more scaring thing is that he is a chosen leader. CHOSEN! I know he did not get the most votes, but still!!!! A whole lot of grown ups voted for this man and that is the greater tragedy. What level of ignorance does that reflect from the US? And I know, he made the middle east a bit safer, up until the Corona pandemic the economy bloomed….but still. Is this enough? Things also happen by chance…the market is a player in this game.

So for all you swedes take a look at the transcript that has been translated to swedish, it is AMAZING! In a bad way, hard to take in and I am really confused as to how the people around him let him get away with this. I hope for a change, that Mr Biden becomes the next President, this would probably be the best for the planet!

And fyi. i HAVE a fever, this could all be a dream……I WISH!


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